Who We Are?

A Saudi company founded in 2011, dedicated to actively contributing to real estate development in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, by relying on the high expertise and modern technology in all stages of development and execution, to achieve the best architectural and construction designs that satisfy its esteemed clients and increase their confidence.

Statement from the CEO

With a clear vision and a solid plan, View works to provide modern and innovative homes that meet the needs of the real estate market in Saudi Arabia. Through our vision, we strive to keep pace with the urban development taking place in the Kingdom, to achieve leadership in the field of real estate development, and to stand out through the professional service we provide with quality and excellence, by relying on the exceptional expertise and modern technologies in all stages of development and implementation, to achieve the best architectural and construction designs that meet the needs of our valued customers and increase their confidence. Thanks to God, then with the clarity of the vision and the steadfastness of the goal, View’s real estate development projects have been successful over the past decade, achieving a qualitative leap in establishing unprecedented standards in the field of real estate development, to provide a model that meets the goals of the 2030 vision. With your trust, our success story has not ended and there is still room for ambition, and we look forward to the efforts of the View team for a brighter future by providing housing products that meet your needs.

MR/ Ahmad Al-Harbi

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Ahmad Al-Harbi

Our Vision

To be the first choice for owning high-end residential and commercial real estate units.

Our Message

Development and sale of modern, innovative and upscale properties that contribute to achieving a decent life for our customers through the best architectural designs, modern technologies and high quality construction.

Company Values

Mastery and Quality

Board of Directors

Ahmad Al-Harbi
Ahmad Al-Harbi

Chairman of the Board

Mohammed Al-Dawood

Vice Chairman of the Board

Zahir Hajjaj

Member of the Board of Directors

Muhammad Al-Bassam

Member of the Board of Directors

Loay Baras
Loay Baras

Chief Executive Officer

View's Team

Mohammed El-Twergy
Mohammed El-Twergy

Executive Vice President

Ibrahim Al Tuwaim

CEO of Aktal Real Estate

Reem Ben Noah
Reem Ben Noah

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Awad Al-Baz
Awad Al-Baz

Chief Financial Officer

Mohammed Al-Kamaly
Mohammed Al-Kamaly

Project Manager

Our Partners

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